About Us

Tree Service Durham NC is a group of trained, experienced, and passionate professionals and arborists. We are passionate about our craft and committed to our connection to the people of Durham, NC. We are born and raised here and we have been your neighbors for years. We know the place like the back of our hands and we know all the plants and trees by heart. We have seen how they change with the season and year-round weather of Durham, NC. When it comes to caring for your plants and trees and other general landscaping services, we have home court advantage. 

Being a locally owned company, Tree Service Durham, NC is highly invested in the area. We care deeply for the community as much as we are passionate about the upkeep of plants and trees. This reflects in every service we provide. Each task is done with courtesy, professionalism, and attention. We respond to requests and queries promptly and with honesty. Meeting all your plant and tree care needs with unfailing reliability is our priority. For all your general landscaping needs anywhere in Durham, NC and surrounding areas, give us a call.  

We offer a full range of services that a homeowner could possibly need. We can remove a diseased or dying tree for you safely and efficiently. We can grind the stump away using our well-maintained equipment. We can remove all debris after a storm or bad weather. Our trained arborists are also skilled in general landscaping. We can enhance your landscape and increase the value of your property. Whatever you need for your yard, Tree Service Durham got you covered.

Affordable tree and plant care services of the highest quality are just a phone call away with Tree Service Durham, NC.

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