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Tree Service Durham, NC. Providing reliable tree care and general landscaping services to all homes in Durham, NC and nearby areas.

If you have plants and trees on your property and you want to give them proper care, Tree Service Durham, NC got you covered. We are a locally owned and operated company that has been caring for everything green and leafy in Durham homes and surrounding areas for many years. 

Our team of arborists are trained, experienced, and passionate, ready to meet all your tree and plant care needs with a warm smile and professional service. For all the plants and trees on your property in Durham, NC and surrounding areas, trust Tree Service Durham, NC to give them the best care that they deserve.


Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning involve much more than just cutting away branches and leaves. To achieve the desired result or look you want for your landscape, each cut and trim has to be carefully planned.

stump on the ground
Stump Grinding and Removal

A tree stump can be much more than just a nuisance in your yard. It is a trip hazard that could cause injuries to you and your family.

Tree Removal

Trees are important to the environment. They help clean the air and provide shelter. They are a good source of food. It is hard to imagine a situation where anybody would want to remove even one. 

Emergency & Storm Cleanup

Storms and other severe weather conditions are impossible to predict. And more often than not, they will cause damage despite your best efforts at preparation.

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Full Range of High Quality Service

If you have a diseased tree that you want to nurse back to health, give us a call. Our arborists are trained and experienced on how to deal with unhealthy or dying trees. We can recommend the best ways to bring it back to full health without spreading the disease to other plant life on your property. We can also advise you if the tree is beyond saving and is posing too much of a risk to you and your family.

Our highly trained and qualified arborists can remove the problematic tree for you with minimal disruption to your daily activities. After the tree is removed, we would clean up every branch, leaf, and other debris. Throughout the process, we would ensure the safety of your property and all the occupants. If you want the stump removed, we can do that too. Stumps eventually decay and could cause diseases or serve as a welcome sign for pests. It is also a waste of valuable space in your yard. Our professionals have the proper tools and equipment to take on jobs of all sizes, including stump removal.  

You can also trust Tree Service Durham, NC for all your trimming and pruning needs. Our arborists have the training and experience needed to bring out the best in any species of plants and trees in our area. They also have the knowledge of how the needs of each plant or tree change with the changing season. If you want your plants, trees, and entire landscape to look their best all year long, give us a call.

Tree Service Durham, NC offers a full range of tree and plant related services, including removal of debris after a storm. Downed trees and fallen branches could cause accidents and must never be left unresolved for too long. We at Tree Service Durham, NC realize that in times like these, you would need our help the most. Natural disasters like this can strike anytime and our team of dedicated professionals are always ready for your call. We would help you deal with the remnants of a storm and get back to your normal life the soonest time possible. We can respond to your request at any time of the day and any day of the week. We would give a timely and honest estimate, and you find that our services are affordable. All you have to do is give us a call and we will take care of the rest.  

Aside from providing tree and plant care services, Tree Service Durham professionals are also skilled landscapers. They can bring your yard to life with artistic topiary and perfectly manicured hedges. Enhancing the look of your yard or landscape goes beyond the obvious reward of better aesthetics. It can enhance the curb appeal of your property and increase its value. It can also be a source of pride in your neighborhood, raising everyone’s morale. If you are looking for your next home improvement project that will give you the most return on your investment, consider having your shrubs and bushes trimmed by Tree Service Durham, NC. Aside from its practicality, it is guaranteed to give you the most satisfaction.

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Who We Are

We are a group of trained, experienced, and passionate professionals and arborists. What sets us apart from other companies who are similarly committed to their craft is our personal connection to the people of Durham, NC. We have been your neighbors for years. We know the place, we know the community, we know all the plants and trees and how they change with the season and year-round weather of Durham, NC. When it comes to caring for your plants and trees and other general landscaping services, we have home-court advantage.

Being a locally owned company, Tree Service Durham, NC is highly invested in the area. Not only are we passionate about plants and trees, we also care deeply for the community. This reflects in every service we provide, from something as simple as trimming to bigger projects like tree removal. Each task is done with courtesy, professionalism, and caring for both plants and homeowners. We respond to requests and queries promptly and with honesty. We offer services of the highest quality and most affordable rates. We aim to meet all your plant and tree care needs with unfailing reliability. For all your plant and tree care and general landscaping needs anywhere in Durham, NC and surrounding areas, give us a call.

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For all your tree and plant care needs, give us a call. We can remove a diseased or dying tree for you safely and efficiently. We can also remove the stump using our well-maintained and highly effective tools and equipment. We will get rid of all debris after a storm or an especially bad weather. All you have to do is dial our numbers and we will do the rest. If you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of your yard, we got your back. Our trained arborists are also skilled landscapers. We can give you the perfectly manicured hedge and the unique topiary that you have always dreamed of. With our help, we can enhance your landscape and increase the value of your property. Whatever you need for your yard, Tree Service Durham is here for you.

Affordable tree and plant care services of the highest quality are just a phone call away with Tree Service Durham, NC.

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